As we start another year, many people look forward to the new and exciting things the year will bring. For some, after the celebration is the reality the new year isn't really all that happy. ABBA's 'Happy New Year' is a realistic look at life after one year ends and another begins.

The song from ABBA's 1980 'Super Trouper' album, wasn't released as a single until 1999 and was never a hit in the US. The song is a poignant look at how just because a year changes, people's lives aren't suddenly reset.

Simply put, the day after is the same as the day before. How many times have you or someone you know made a New Years resolution only to abandon it in a short amount of time? Perhaps, as the song suggests, lives, habits and attitudes don't magically change overnight.

While the song is about a broken relationship, it's also a song of hope. It reminds us even though there isn't a sudden change from one day to the next and even from the end of one year to the start of another, we have another 365 days to make our lives and the world we live in better.