After a year of fundraising for this new idea for a brewery, Brewability Lab is open for business.

The main goal of this Denver brewery is to hire people with developmental disabilities and train them in different areas to improve their standard of living for the long run. They're training for assistant brewers, sanitation managers, glassware specialists, and beer tenders.

Tiffany Fixter is a special education teacher and came up with this idea after seeing the need. She realized after they turn 21, there aren't as many options for them. She launched a Kickstarter page in October of 2015 to help raise funds for her idea. After raising over $30,000, she was able to turn this dream into a reality.

Fixter said that everyone should have a purpose, which is why they train in different areas to find the best fit for the employees. They have launched an IPA, blonde, brown, and Belgian beer so far.