Headed to the Grand Mesa, don't forget the bug repellent.

For the most part, last season's record snow pact was a good thing. Lakes are full and rivers running at normal levels.  One of the not-so-good is that the excess water provided the perfect breeding conditions for mosquitoes. If you're thinking about a camping or fishing adventure up on the Grand Mesa, prepare to do battle.

Mosquitoes have all but taken over. There are not only more than normal, but the blood-suckers also appear to be larger than normal. "The mosquitoes are a lot larger and there are just swaths of them,” claimes a local Grand Junction resident. “Bigger than an inch wide, and they are thick.”

Businesses up on the Mesa is being hurt by the flying-biting pests. The Mesa Lakes Lodge reports the number of visitors is down this summer. “There’s been a lot of people hanging off down in town versus coming up on the Mesa just because of how crazy it is,” so says Mesa Lakes Lodge manager, Carrigan Sliva.

Again, if you're heading up for an afternoon of fishing or a weekend of camping, bring insect repellent, and lots of it! The mosquitoes will continue to be a problem until this fall when those first cold nights reduce their numbers.

The EPA offers these tips to prevent mosquito bites...

  • Keep mosquitoes away from exposed skin by wearing long-sleeved shirts, long pants, and socks.
  • Tuck shirts into pants and pants into socks to cover gaps in your clothing where mosquitoes can get to your skin.
  • Stay indoors when possible, especially if there is a mosquito-borne disease warning in effect.
  • Use approve mosquito repellents and follow label directions and precautions closely.
  • Use head nets, long sleeves, and long pants if you venture into areas with high mosquito populations.

Credit: KKCO11News

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