Grand Junction residents are being targeted according to the Mesa County Sheriff's Department. Here is the story, and what you can do to stay safe.

The report from the Grand Junction Sheriff's department states that members of the Grand Junction community are being contacted by a person who identifies themselves as "Officer Johnson" of the local police department.

The scam continues as he tells people that a family member has been arrested, and a bond must be posted for them to get out. Then the suspect has requested the bond money to be wired to an out of state location.

He has also been known to tell people there is a "gag order" on the case, or that residents are not allowed to contact any other law enforcement officer but him, police said. He provides the number 1-888-316-9496.

The case is currently being worked by investigators,  and ask you to report similar calls to law enforcement.

Always remember that law enforcement agencies would not contact residents, and request money to request money to be wired to an out of state location to post a bond.

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