Recently a person was cited in Grand Junction for leaving a child in a hot car and the only thing I could think of was, why?

So in order to clear up any further confusion, let's take a look at these few rules for living in Grand Junction.

1) Never leave a child or a pet in your car.

In direct sunlight, the difference in temperature inside of a car can be as much as 40 degrees. So, even if the outside temperature is only 70 degrees, it could get as hot as 110 inside the car. Honestly, if you have to get out of the vehicle for any amount of time, take your child inside with you. Or leave them at home with a sitter. Same with your animals. Don't bring them if you have to leave them in a hot car.

2) Drink a lot of water

Staying hydrated helps beat the heat because you are keeping your insides hydrated. Perspiring reduces the amount of moisture in your body, remember, so always stay hydrated.

3) Wear sunscreen

If you're going to be outside for any significant amount of time, make sure you are protecting your skin. And also, remember to keep applying it throughout the day. Just like any other lotion, sunscreen will soak into your skin, so keep an eye on it and reapply as needed. Twenty minutes is the longest you should go without sunscreen outdoors.

4) Leaving an air-conditioned area

When you're inside and it's nice and cool, but outside the heat is rising higher, take a few moments for your body to adjust. Going from a nice cool 68-72 degrees to over 100 can shock the system. So be mindful of the heat as you go out into it.

Save yourself hospital stays and injuries or death by just following these simple rules.

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