Whoever said kids are better seen and not heard should really take a listen to this little girl.

Nine-year-old Sydney Smoot recently gave an impassioned, eloquent speech to the Hernando County School Board in Florida about why she opposes the state's new standardized testing that's now in place. We give her an "A" for effort and "A+" for execution.

Sydney opens up her remarks by declaring herself a "well-educated young lady" and proceeds to live up to the billing. She is clearly articulate, bright and thoughtful as she lays out her arguments. Heck, even if you disagree with her, you're bound to be moved by her fervent and heartfelt delivery.

Sydney has a rapt audience that's hanging on her every word and earns a well-deserved standing ovation when she's done. Whether her words will create any changes in the testing system, though, remains to be seen.

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