An 86-year-old man in Grand Junction has been saving lives for over 50 years now by donating blood. Charles Dunlap has donated 18 gallons throughout his life.

Charles Dunlap has donated more blood than I can even imagine -- 18 gallons. His blood type is O negative so he donated as much as he could, according to KJCT.

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It all started when Charles' brother was in need of blood when they were only 18-years-old. Charles said that his brother's blood type is also O negative and had to have blood flown from all the way from Vegas to Arkansas. According to Charles:

It's just you gotta give it in order to keep people going.

Charles is now 86-years-old and after over 50 years of donating, he had to stop. The only thing that's stopping Charles now from donating blood, is his age. Doctors told him that he could no longer donate blood when he got into his 70s.

Donating blood literally saves lives. According to St. Mary's website, one in seven people entering the hospital will need blood and you could save the lives of up to three people every single time you donate blood.

St. Mary's website also states that donated blood is only good for 42 days, so they're constantly in need of donations.

You can donate blood at St. Mary's Regional Blood Center in Grand Junction. They're located at 750 Wellington Avenue, Entrance 22 on the second floor. We're not saying you have to donate 18 gallons, but any amount helps.

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