A little boy with brain cancer experiences the thrill of a lifetime, thanks to the heroes on the Nebraska football team.

It was last year's Spring game, when 7 year old Jack Hoffman's came off the sideline, decked out in a Nebraska uniform. The red team faced 4th and 1 from their own 32. The coach calls time out and sends Jack into the game. What happened next will never be forgotten.

Jack takes the handoff, and begins running down the field. Flanked by players from both sides and with more than 60,000 fans on their feet,  he reaches the end zone and is hoisted into the air in a moment of jubilation shared by Jack, the Nebraska football team, and all of those Cornhusker fans.

Jack's thrilling moment will last a lifetime, however long that lifetime may be. As of August, Jack was undergoing treatment for his cancer. Here's hand claps for the Nebraska football team and everyone who had a hand in making a young boy's dream come true.