Oh my goodness. Hikers from Denver ended up hiking on a very advanced trail and finding themselves in a heap of trouble after being trapped in a narrow canyon slot in Garfield County.

It's reported by the Garfield County's Sherriff's Office that one of the hikers got wedged into a slot called the Sandthrax slot which is near Leprechaun Canyon near Boulder, Utah.

Only one hiker could get around the one that was stuck to go get help. Thank goodness for that one that ran for help and for the rescue teams that helped them escape safely.

The search and rescue crews from the Department of Public Safety Helicopter services, Wayne County and Garfield were able to rescue all the hikers.

The one hiker that was wedged into the slot was transported to Moab Hospital and treated for hypothermia and minor injuries. Scary.

Hikers range in age from 20 - 60 and are extremely lucky to have survived.


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