Living in Western Colorado in the summer, you have to find ways to beat the heat. Air Conditioning helps immensely, but, what if you don't have AC?
Fear not, I have 5 ways for you to stay cool without it!

Cotton is Cool

If you have cotton sheets or Egyptian sheets, they will definitely help to keep you cooler come bed time, because cotton breathes, and allows air to circulate better. Save the Silk for cooler nights! Cotton sleepwear is also a plus. As an extra added bonus, out your sheets in the freezer a half hour before bed and voila, instant chill!

Ice, Ice, Baby

Get a big bowl of ice and stick that baby in front of a fan. You will feel the chill immediately. All you have to do is make sure to replace the ice when it melts and you can stay cool for as long as the ice holds out!

Fans, Fans and More Fans

Creating a cross breeze with fans in multiple areas can help cool your place and keep it cool. Have one or two fans in front of an open window to create the ultimate cross breeze!

Hot Water Bottle

In the winter, those are awesome for keeping your warm, but are they useful in the summer? Oh yes. About an hour or so before bed, fill the thing up and stick it in the freezer, then when you go to bed, put it where it will do the most good, chill wise. For me, I put it under my pillow where it can rest on my neck. Puts me out "cold".

Hang A Hammock

If you own your home and have the trees, or some other way, then hanging a hammock is about the best way you can find to beat the heat, provided you're in the shade. And if you don't own your home, find a good place in your apartment to stretch that hammock out and there you have it, 360 degree air circulation and the coolness of chilling in a hammock.

Those are my 5. No air conditioning where I live, so these actually do well in keeping me and my dog cool. Remember to stay hydrated, too!


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