If I won $5,000, I can tell you exactly what I wouldn't do with it.

It's exciting to win money - whether it's $5, $500, $5000, or $5 million - not that I know what it's like $5-million, but I hear it can be extremely exciting.

When people have a chance to win money, of course, they like to dream about what they would spend the cash on. I'm a little different. I tend to think more about what I wouldn't do with the prize money.

#1) I would not spend all of it. I'm pretty practical when it comes to money, so I like the idea of having a nice little cushion in storage for special occasions and emergencies. If I won $5000 I'd like to think I would tuck half of it away.

#2) I would not go to Las Vegas. - or any casino for that matter. The chances of walking away with less money than I came with is pretty high. I could use the cash to build a small fire in my backyard to keep me warm - and I'd be in the exact same boat.

#3) I would not buy a new car. Sure, with $5,000 I could make a good-sized downpayment on a nice vehicle - but then my insurance premium is just going to go up as is the license and registration -and I'm saddled with a monthly payment Once again, in the end, I end up with way less money in my pocket than when I started.

#4) I would not buy lottery tickets. Again, that silly practical side of me screams out, DON'T THROW YOUR MONEY OUT THE WINDOW. I've heard plenty of stories about people who spent thousands of dollars on lottery tickets in hopes of hitting the multi-million dollar jackpot only to wake up the next day with the same thing as the rest of us - nothing.

#5) I would not buy a year's supply of Twinkies. I love twinkies, and if I won some money I'd probably splurge and buy a couple of boxes, but year-old Twinkies somehow is not appealing. Sure, the first couple of months would be great, but by the time the end of the year came, those Twinkies I'm pretty sure would be well past their prime.

So that's what I wouldn't do with the $5,000 I just won - which, by the way, I didn't really win, because that would be against the rules. But that doesn't mean you couldn't win $5,000 and you could do anything you wanted to with it.

All you have to do is listen for the code words each day, enter them on the app or the station website and you have a chance to win anywhere from $500 to $50,000. If you do happen to win some cash, please let me know what you plan not to do with it. I'm extremely curious.

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