2018 is quickly approaching and this is usually the time of the year you hear everyone's New Year's resolutions.(Which probably won't come to fruition.) Here are five reasons to not make a New Year's Resolution.

  • 1

    You're Not Sticky Enough

    You'll slowly lose your motivation and end up ditching your New Year's resolution. And you'll probably end up having the same New Year's resolution the next year.

  • 2

    Why Wait For The New Year?

    Why wait when you can start now? I think if you really want to make the change, you'll start making the effort to make the change now. You don't need to wait until 2018 to do it.

  • 3

    Your Doubts are About

    You're going into the New Year wondering if you'll have the time or finding ways to justify not making it happen. If you really want to make a change, you have to believe in the change and believe in yourself.

  • 4

    Unrealistic Resolution

    If your New Year's resolution is to lose 50 pounds by Valentine's Day -- you might want to rethink that. Set a more realistic resolution for yourself, because that's unrealistic and probably, definitely unhealthy.

  • 5

    What's the Plan, Man?

    If you want to lose weight or start eating better or whatever your resolution is, how are you going to do it? If you want to accomplish something, there are steps toward achieving it. Make a realistic plan -- man.

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