Grand Junction is big enough and busy enough that it's hard to find somewhere close to enjoy some peace and quiet. Here are 5 places to get away from the noise.

The US Department of Transportation has researched noise levels from traffic and aircraft in the US and have found the noisiest, and likewise, the quietest places which is what we really want to know.

These five quiet places near Grand Junction are all easily accessible by car and offer the added bonus of areas you can pull off and walk or hike to make enjoying them even better.

  • Vega Lake State Park

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    The drive to the lake doesn't meet our noise requirement and not all places around the lake are as quiet as you may like.

    However, the southern and eastern side of the lake can be incredibly peaceful. If you want to do absolutely nothing take a fishing pole, cast out a line and see what happens.

  • Glade Park

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    If you're looking for quiet, the Colorado National Monument isn't the best, but a detour to Glade Park is. You can drive for miles meandering to your heart's desire

    If you take a side-trip off the pavement, just be aware you can come upon livestock, wildlife, and the possibility a good road can quickly turn into a bad road.

  • Grand Mesa


    Highway 65 is a scenic byway and gets a lot of use, but off the main road, there are so many places to find the quiet you're looking for.

    As a bonus, there are also a tremendous number of hiking trails from easy to difficult and everything in between.

  • Lands End Road

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    Once you turn off of Highway 50, you'll find a drive that is both quiet and scenic, especially if you travel all the way to the top. The view from the observatory is spectacular

  • Dominquez and Escalante Canyons

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    Nestled between Grand Junction and Delta are two incredible places to find the quiet you long for.

    Take your time along the road to whichever destination you choose. If you hurry, you'll miss something.

    Once you reach the end, the reward for the journey is incredible beauty and calming sounds only nature can provide.