If you were listening to the radio 45 years ago, it's quite possible you heard one of these being played - or not. These are five top 100 songs you totally forgot about - or maybe never heard. This will either bring back some old memories, or introduce you to some brand new music from 1971.

On top of the charts were familiar songs like "Knock Three Times", "My Sweet Lord", "Black Magic Woman", "Your Song". Farther down the charts were songs that never made it as big, or became nearly as familiar as those top 20 hits. See if you remember these five top 100 hits from 45  years ago.

  • 1

    If There's A Hell Below We're All Going to Go


    Here's a political top 40 hit that was way ahead of it's time, the first top 40 hit for a very vocal Curtis Mayfield. He would follow that up with a pair of top ten hits, "Freddie's Dead" and "Superfly", both from the movie "Superfly.

  • 2

    Just Seven Numbers(Can Straighten Out My Life)


    The Four Tops were a hit making machine from the mid 1960s into the 80s with 24 top 40 hits to their credit. "Just Seven Numbers" barely made it, topping out at #40 - two years before they scored the top 10 smash hit "Ain't No Woman Like the One I've Got."

  • 3

    Cheryl, Moana, Marie


    New Zealand's John Rowles never scored a top 40 hit in the U.S. but came close with this one, topping out at #61. The Englebert sound-a-like wrote this song about his little sister. By the way, "Dancing With the Stars" fans will remember seeing John on the show during the 2009 season.

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    God Bless Whoever Sent You


    The Originals were a Motown group that scored a pair of top 20 hits, "Baby, I'm For Real", and "The Bells." "God Bless Whoever Sent You" peaked at #53 on the pop chart, but climbed all the way to #14 on the Billboard R & B.

  • 5

    Mean Mistreater


    It certainly wasn't one of Grand Funk's biggest hits, peaking at #47, but true fans of the band will remember this first single from their Live Album in late 1970.