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When we asked the question yesterday on our Facebook page, "What business would you like to see come to Western Colorado in 2021" it was tremendous to see the support for the local businesses that have struggled through the last 10+ months. Most comments came in saying they just want to support what we currently have so no one has to shut down their business.

As you can imagine we also got a huge list of great stores and businesses that most of us know and would truly appreciate if they opened a location here in Western Colorado. There are many things on this list that are a complete dream, like the idea of an IKEA store opening here. That won't happen, but I will say that there is at least one store on this list that sounds like they really will be opening soon. But until things are finalized that is as much as I can say.

But if you want to see the full list of businesses we would all LOVE to see come to Western Colorado here we go:

Businesses We Want To See Come to Western Colorado

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