As a kid, I always thought it was funny when my dad or grandpa would have a big meal then next thing you know they are nodding off. It was comical that a big plate of food could stop your entire day. If you're hungry and looking for a big meal here in Grand Junction you have lots of options to choose from.

As I grow up I understand, when you decide to eat a big plate of biscuits and gravy sometimes your body needs time to digest. This means a nap after a big meal isn't so funny anymore, sometimes it's just needed.

Why Do People Get Tired After Eating a Big Meal?

The scientific reason why you get sleepy after a big meal is that all of your blood is rushing to your stomach and digestive system. If you're using all of your body's energy on digestion, it might be best to sit back and nap so you have energy for the rest of the day. This information also might make you hesitate before ordering that big meal, sometimes there just isn't enough time in the day to sneak in a nap.

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If You're Looking For a Big Portion of Food in Grand Junction You Have All Kinds of Options

Whether you're looking for classic American food, Mexican cuisine, Hawaiian BBQ, or an Asian Buffet if you want a big plate of food in Grand Junction you have lots to choose from. Check out the list below of 12 restaurants in Grand Junction known for serving big portions of food.

12 Grand Junction Restaurants Serving Big Portions of Food

If you're hungry and are looking for a big meal in Grand Junction here is where you should go:

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