A man in Edgewater, Colo. left a $1,000 tip for a server at Thailicious, then came back the next day to reclaim it.

According to workers at Thailicious in Edgewater, the man came into the restaurant, sat at the bar and ordered a couple of wines while he was waiting. As he settled his bill, he put some cash in the ticket book and left.

Skye Seumptewa, the server who was waiting on him, opened the ticket book and quickly closed it -- shocked by what he saw.

Inside the ticket book was 10 $100 bills, some 20s, and some singles that added up to $1,000.

Skye thought it was some "super-load dude" who wanted to make the server's night.

Having heard of others getting big tips, he never heard of a tip this large. A little skeptical, Skye decided to hold onto the cash in case the big tipper came back to get the money.

That's exactly what happened. Big tipper returned the next morning thinking he may have lost the money. He did leave the server a $70 tip, this time, around.

The employees gave the money back without hard feeling, saying they believe in karma.

Some believe the server had a right to keep the money, what do you think?

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