The generosity amid the COVID-19 pandemic continues to outpour in Colorado. A family left a $5,000 tip for five Colorado restaurant employees.

We've seen lots of people leaving extremely generous tips during the coronavirus pandemic in Colorado. It's nice to know that Coloradans can come together to help each other out in a time of need.

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A family who was visiting Great Wolf Lodge in Colorado Springs recently left a huge tip on a $55 tab, according to KRDO. The family left a $5,000 tip after eating at Barnwood Restaurant and wrote 'thank you' on the top of their receipt.

This family stopped in for breakfast and left a major impact on the employees. The family requested that the $5,000 tip on their $55 tab be split between five employees. This means that their server, Ashley, along with two others, one host, and one busser each received a $1,000 tip, according to KRDO.

We would be overcome with emotion if someone left a tip like this for us. $1,000 could pay for a lot of things like rent, the electric bill, groceries, and more. The last time we heard of someone leaving a hugely generous tip like this was in Broomfield. Last week a man in Broomfield paid for everyone's tab at North Side Tavern and left a $5,000 tip.

Colorado's COVID bandit, who's known for leaving big tips all around Colorado, also recently struck. The bandit left a huge tip a couple of weeks ago for the employees at Denver at Guard and Grace restaurant. The COVID bandit left a $6,800 tip, so each employee received a $200 tip.

We hope that people will continue to raise each other up and keep doing stuff just like this.

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