Remember the movie, "How to Lose a Guy in 10 days?" The 2003 movie with Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey that was a pretty fair movie? Well we've taken that thought and applied it to Grand Junction and the results are pretty much what you might expect. These are alright, alright, alright!

Say Something About Their Truck

Who doesn't like a truck with a nice lift to it? Most guys love that, but most people have something to say about a sexy, lifted truck, and not always something nice, either. Want to lose a guy? Dog his truck.

Be an Anti-Hunter

Hunters and vegans go together like oil and water. So it's no surprise that very few vegans date hunters, or vice versa. But if you're a vegan or just anti meat, your relationship with a hunter is doomed to fail.

Flirt with his friends

Quickest way to the curb is to start flirting with your guy's friends. First of all, it's shady and second of all, your guy is going to find out. If you think his friends are hotter or better for you than he is, step up and say so.

Say something negative about his music

So there you are, cruising in his truck, windows down, and he turns on the radio. Country? Seriously? Maybe so. Maybe it's classic hits. Or new music. Whatever it is, if you like the guy, you're going to have to get used to his music. A sure way to find yourself single is to tell him you hate his musical choices.

Dislike his Mom

End of relationship, simple as that. You can't go dogging your man's mama and expect him to stick around with you, can you? Even if his mom isn't up for mom of the year, don't mess with mom. Unless you like being single.

Cheat on Him

Yeah. That would do it. Maybe you're really good at hiding it, but if you don't want to be with the man, leave. Don't Cheat.

Be ultra feminine

Not that we don't like our women feminine and all, but the whole "I'm not ready yet, I have my make up and hair to do." won't cut it. Forget the makeup and slap on that hat he got you for Valentine's day and have fun!

Hate Sports

Rolling your eyes, heavy sighing and asking if it's over yet are three distinct ways to have a man lose interest in you. If he loves his sports, and wants you to watch with him, do it! And try to not complain. Maybe he'll do the same for you when you take him to some girly function.

Hate dancing

Especially country line dancing. If you "sit this one out" every time he hears a song he likes to dance to, y'all won't be together for long.

Intensely dislike beer. Or Whiskey.

We can understand some people just don't like the taste of beer. Or whiskey, preferring the fruity type drinks when you go out. Have you ever seen him look at you with that umbrella drink and shake is head while he knocks back a shot and a cold brew? Never a good thing.

So that's my ten things that would result in immediate break up, what's yours?



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