Colorado has an amazing assortment of small towns, some nestled in the most beautiful places around. So join me as we uncover ten things about Creede, Colorado that you may not know.



  • Creede is High in Elevation

    Creede sits at an elevation of 8,799 feet and is located in Mineral County, which is northeast of Durango and has a population of 712, making it the second least populated county in the state, Creede itself has 299 full-time residents, as of the 2010 Census.

  • Creed Used to Be a Big Town

    Creede was the last silver boom town in Colorado in the 19th century and went from a population of 600 in 1889 to more than 10,000 in 1891.

  • Native Americans were the original settlers

    The original settlers in this area were several tribes of Native Americans, most notably the Utes, who would move back and forth between elevations, as weather dictated, but the area's winters were not conducive to permanent native settlers.

  • Movies are filmed in Creede

  • Notable figures lived in Creede

  • It was once the gambling capitol of Colorado

    Creede was briefly the capitol for gambling in the state, as legal reform pushed the larger gambling establishments out of Denver.

  • Creede Survived the Silver Panic of 1893

    Barely. By 1893 the silver panic hit and the price of silver plummeted. Creede's population declined rapidly and, while never becoming a ghost town, would never again approach the boom numbers.

  • The Mine stayed open until 1985

    From 1895 until they closed in 1985, nearly 100 years, the mines remained open and working.

  • Creede once had a different name

    Creede was once known as Willow Creek but was renamed Creede after the man who discovered the Holy Moses Mine, Nicholas C Creede.

  • Creede still going strong

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