It's not that it's they are that big of a deal, but there's just something about these some small life tasks that we just hate doing.

I hate having to have repairs done, whether it's to a vehicle or to the house. I hate having to call a repairman, then arrange to be home when they can come, or schedule my day so I can take the car to get it fixed. And then, of course, is the wondering if you are being taken for a ride. It's just a big pain in the you-know-what.

I hate car shopping. I would rather slice off my little pinky than have to go through that experience. It's just painful and uncomfortable.

I also hate doing plumbing work. There's just nothing worse than laboring on a plumbing job, wrestling with pipes, hoses, and connections and completing the task only to find that there is a leak.

From Female First, here's the top 10 small life tasks we hate doing the most.

1. Changing utility companies
2. Getting insurance
3. Doing taxes
4. Paying bills
5. Making changes to a TV, phone, or Internet plan
6.Going to the dentist
7. Applying for a new job
8. Getting quotes for work on your house.
9. Putting things on eBay to sell.
10. Changing email addresses.

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