Apparently, the folks in Cortez take their t-ball very seriously as 10 people have been charged in connection with a brawl earlier this year.

According to the Durango Herald, a total of nine adults and one child have now been charged in connection with the fight that happened at a children's T-ball game this summer. These folks definitely take their youth sports way too seriously.

Charges against these little league parents and "fans" range from assault to disturbing the peace.Some people were charged in the aftermath of the melee, but now, five more have been charged. It's not exactly clear what started the fight.

Unfortunately, this sort of thing happens far too often. YouTube is littered with videos of parents and coaches behaving badly at youth ball games. What is wrong with people?

When it comes to this sort of thing there are usually two types of people involved. There are people who don't know when to keep their mouth shut, and there are people who can't control their temper when somebody's mouth is flapping wildly and uncontrollably. Both types of people suffer from a lack of self-control.

I'm pretty sure there is nothing at a  youth sporting event that is worth even a fraction of this type of behavior. Hopefully, this absurd video will serve as a reminder to youth league parents that it's just a game. This behavior is completely inappropriate, sets a very bad example for the kids, and is quite ridiculous.

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