They're annoying, they're over the moon, and they're totally in love. Who? New couples. New couples are always doing annoying stuff and driving all of their friends crazy. Here are 10 annoying things that new couples always do:

1) Talk about how their new partner is "the one."

Every single person in a new relationship ever has always talked everyone's ear off about their new partner being "the one." Honestly, it's sickening. No one can stand it. It's okay if you've been dating someone for a while and say it, but most of the time the people in question have only been together about one week when they're talking about the deep connection they have and blah, blah, blah. STAHP.

2) They're inseparable, even at the worst times.

They never hang out without their partner. Ever. They always assume that when you invite them to go somewhere that you automatically give them a plus one. No, Amanda, when I said we should have a girls day and go get pedicures, I didn't mean that Jeremy should tag along.

3) Constantly text each other.

Texting while with someone in person is rude. However, it's pretty much unbearable when your friend is texting non-stop to their significant other while you wait for them to get off the phone. Not to mention, when they finally do all they talk about is their text conversation. *gag*

4) Always making inside jokes.

Cutsie inside jokes are another peril of having a friend in a new relationship. They're always making these nauseating little inside jokes with one another and then telling everyone they're inside jokes while they sit and look starry-eyed. It's gross.


5) Celebrating their 6 week anniversary.

Celebrating anniversaries that don't mean a thing is definitely one of the most annoying things couples do. It's always something dumb too like, "So today is Jeremy and I's 13 week anniversary and I just have to say that my whole life changed the day we met and I can't wait to marry you and get pregnant and die old together!" -- Or, something like that anyway, #romance.

6) Matching Outfits

One thing that's totally insufferable about new couples is coordinating outfits. I mean, if it's Halloween then I get it. If it isn't Halloween, it's just wrong.

7) Talking about how they're always #blessed

New couples can't stop talking about how lucky they are to have one another. They're always so blessed and lucky. Hashtag blessed!

8) Posting kissing photos everywhere

New couples are always posting photos of themselves sucking face to every social media platform available. It's like they feel as though if you don't see their tongues jammed down each other's throats then the love isn't real. *rolls eyes*

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9) Couples workouts.

Going to the gym is already a chore for some people, but when the new couple arrives it's almost impossible to stay. They're constantly moving from machine to machine showering each other with affection and using adjacent gym equipment. If we already didn't have a reason to puke a the gym, we do now.

10) Tell you that you'll be as happy as they are someday.

PUH-LEASEEE. You've been dating for like ten whole seconds. Don't presume to tell me about how I'll find Prince Charming one day when you don't even know that your Prince Charming is a frog. #micdrop

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