Don't be surprised if your cat flips its lid this Sunday when we all fall back for Daylight Saving Time. Why do they do this?

At last report, cats don't have to be at the office at any particular time, or for that matter, show up for class bright and early. What's the problem? Why are cats affected by the time change?

What's wrong? Don't cats get enough rest with their usual 18 hours of sleep per day? Apparently not. maintains a cat's routine is something which they would prefer to be written in stone. Events that alter their schedule can be a bit perplexing to some cats.

According to, there is no need to panic. Any effects experienced by cats when they "fall back" are negligible. It would be one thing if your cat experienced a major time change like flying from Denver to Munich. When it comes to the one hour with falling back, maintains most cats will take it lightly.

One thing all sources seem to agree on is the likelihood your cat will adjust quickly, and will get right back on track. Remember to fall back one hour this Sunday morning.

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