You may have played the game 'Barrel of Monkeys' or used the phrase 'barrel of laughs.' But, you've never seen the kind of cuteness you get from wheelbarrows full of orangutans.

The young orangutans were rescued from captivity and are now being rehabilitated so they can be released back into the wild.

I'm not sure what riding around in a wheelbarrow does to prepare these juvenile apes for life in the wild, but it does make sense to keep all these orangutans together to prevent any unwanted monkey business.

There is the one exception who decides walking may be better than a crowded wheelbarrow. Plus, this ape gets to walk hand in hand with a human, something it seems to enjoy.

At the end of the ride, one orangutan, much like a wayward child, decides to 'monkey around' and starts to head off by himself, only to be caught and returned to group.