The Wolf Creek Ski area in western Colorado has become the nations' first fully solar-powered ski area.

Solar-powered ski areas are nothing new. Save Our Snow says 50 of the world's top ski areas are powered 100% with renewable energy, and some generating their own green power. The power generated is often a mix of solar, hydro, and water.

Many U.S. ski areas are moving in the direction of 100% solar energy. Wolf Creek Ski Area near Pagosa Springs says it's there.

Colorado's Pentitente Solar Project, just 50 miles from Wolf Creek in southwest Saguache County, began producing power at the end of last year and provides power to the ski area. It's ironic that Wolf Creek is one of the snowiest resorts in Colorado, while the power plant location is one of the sunniest and driest spots in the country.

It's further evidence of our ever-changing world with an increasing focus on renewable energy sources to counter the possible effects of global warming. Colorado, being a major nation-wide leader in the ski industry, is leading the nation in the move to solar energy on the slopes.

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