Winter Park Resort is opening this Saturday, making it the earliest first day in 80 years. It will be one of 7 Colorado resorts that are ready for you to shred.

Winter Park Resort starting making snow last week to prepare for their opening. Their opening day was originally set for November 13 -- but not anymore. With the amount of snow we've been getting in Colorado combined with their snowmaking efforts, Winter Park is opening early.

The new opening day for Winter Park Resort is this Saturday, November 2. According to KDVR, the first chair is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. at the Arrow Lift on Saturday.

This isn't the only resort in Colorado to open early, Winter Park is the fourth resort to open earlier than planned, according to KDVR. Based on Winter Park Resort's Facebook, these are the trails that will be open this Saturday:

  • Parkway
  • Sorensen
  • Porcupine
  • Lower Village Way

Winter Park is Colorado's oldest continuously operated resort. Once Winter Park Resort opens it will be the seventh resort open in Colorado. According to KDVR, here are the other resorts that are open for shreddage:

  1. Arapahoe Basin Ski Area
  2. Keystone Resort
  3. Loveland Ski Area
  4. Wolf Creek Ski Area
  5. Eldora Mountain Resort
  6. Monarch Mountain

Keystone Resort was set to be the first resort to open until Arapahoe Basin swept in. Keystone opened on October 12, while Arapahoe Basin opened for two hours on October 11.

Arapahoe Basin as the first resort to open in North America and October 12 was Keystone's earliest opening day in 20 years. Looks like Mother Nature ain't playing no games this year.

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