Western Slope Uncorked invites all wine personalities to join in wine tasting on August 1 at Powderhorn Mountain Resort. There are many studies that translate what your wine preference says about you. Do you like red or white? Are you a sipper, guzzler, beach bum, millennial, or tight on funds? What your taste in wine says about you:

White Wine: We won’t hear any whining from you about the wine. You’re addicted to the status quo and have been known to have a weaker palate. As a novice connoisseur, your predictable response to white wine is known. It’s not that you lackluster, your fussy personality is only obvious after your fifth glass of Chardonnay. Then, watch out!

Rose/White Zinfandel: A person who is a social networking butterfly and drinks boxed wine often. You have no shame and shouldn’t as you are open to change, love to gossip, and enjoy moments of trendsetting. You pick up emotions others emit and your subtle sense of care can overcome any issue at hand. While playing it safely, you can sweet-talk your way through any conversation.

Red Wine: A Sophisticated, educated, romantic, world traveler. It’s no wonder you are confident in relationships and guarded at times. Your assertion and attention to detail arrives as strikingly strong and refined. Those that want to drink wine with you better crave new experiences and flourish in fresh environments, otherwise learn quickly! Your leadership role is strong and responsible. Your tone is perceived as logical and you’re notorious for teaching many to sustain in any situation.

Whether you are a finicky wine enthusiast or enjoy many bouquets, Western Slope Uncorked has pleasant flavors that will flatter your taste buds! Come join us and other music loving wine connoisseurs for an unforgettable night at Powderhorn Mountain Resort featuring Restless Heart.

Western Slope Uncorked will take place Saturday, August 1 at Powderhorn Mountain Resort from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Tickets are on sale now for $40 or $50 at the gate. Get them early folks!

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