There is life in outer space, and it has made contact with … William Shatner?

‘Star Trek’s Captain Kirk reached out to a citizen of the cosmos via Twitter on Thursday, but it wasn’t a Klingon, a Vulcan or even a Ferengi who tweeted back. Shatner engaged a being even stranger than those otherworldly aliens – a Canadian.

The Shat tweeted at Commander Chris Hadfield, a Canadian astronaut living on the International Space Station. Hadfield -- who may or may not have been tweeting from the space john with an iPad, Paul Rudd style – tweeted back at Shatner, calling him “Captain” and making a pretty sweet ‘Star Trek' reference.

Not to be outdone by the Captain, Sulu himself, George Takei, got in on the action with a few sly ‘Trek’ references of his own. And then things got really crazy when Buzz Aldrin joined the tweetparty. Check out the awesomely nerdy conversation below:

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