Star Wars movies operate in cycles. It’s very common for character arcs, themes, and even lines of dialogue to be repeated — from trilogy to trilogy, movie to movie, even scene to scene. It’s part of what makes Star Wars so familiar to us. But one riled up fan believes that the a few of the resemblances in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker are too close, suggesting a recycling of shots due to last-minute plot changes:

As you can see, the shot of Rey waiting for the Tie Fighter on Pasaana is very similar to the final shot of her standing in front of the “twin suns.” This shouldn’t be too big of a problem, considering we’ve seen Luke Skywalker in a very similar frame in A New Hope. But the Twitter user is proposing that Rey’s nearly exact body positions clue into the theory that the two shots are actually one, re-edited to fit hasty narrative changes.

However, that possibility has been shot down by Maryann Brandon, a member of the Star Wars editing team. In an interview with, she explains, “That shot was shot in the desert where they shot the sequence on Pasaana, but it was shot for that shot.” Brandon knows this because she was the one to pick that final shot of Rey, which she confirms “wasn’t already in the film, it was for that sequence.” Rumor debunked.

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