The questions have plagued modern man for decades; will robots rule the world, will robots rule over mankind, can we stop them, when will it happen, will humans use robots at war and who will be first?

Robot Sitting in a Chair
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Since about the 1950's people have wondered where the technology will lead mankind over time. The question of if supercomputers will ever be accessible to an average person. Right now you can pay for time to use a supercomputer, basically like expensive super fast cloud computing.

NEC's Earth Simulator Supercomputer Still The Fastest
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With smaller supercomputers coming soon, which are still massive, naturally robotics will evolve with it. Now that unmanned drones are possible, that run without human input, robot warriors are not far off.

Red Fire U.S. Military Mine Clearance Robot
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At the Georgia Institute of Technology someone is currently working on a project funded by a defence company. BAE systems has tasked Professor Henrik Christensen to develop robots that map out enemy territory entirely on their own. Yes, it's the beginning of what could be a force of robot soldiers.

Senate Armed Services Committee and a Military Robot
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Many people fear the idea of an army of robots fighting humans. Others believe they should be put to use to reduce combat violence. There is always the distant possibility that robot soldiers could end mankind's pursuit of war. The United States is not alone, 76 countries have some sort of military robotics program.

MAO the Humanoid Robot
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Or will the robots eventually become self aware and control humans instead?

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