It may be an unanswerable question, but we are asking it anyway. Which do you think is better, cable TV or satellite dish?

It seems that this question has been around for as long as we've been debating the Ginger or Mary Ann question except that back then we didn't have cable television or satellite dishes for television viewing.

Watching commercials for the two entities is like watching political ads by two candidates from two different parties. Both say they are perfect, both say the other sucks, and both are equally annoying.

Obviously, we know that nothing or nobody is perfect, so right off the bat we're off the track. No matter how good they make themselves sound, we aren't stupid. We already know that when something sounds too good to be true, it is.

Satellite and cable companies sling mud at each other like the Brady Bunch kids getting ready for their TV commercial for Safe laundry detergent. Regardless of which service you use, after watching the other company's barrage of insults, you end up feeling dirty, used, and completely ignorant for subscribing to the service in the first place.

As nearly as I can tell, both have periodic problems with reception and like a lot of other things today, they both cost way more than they are worth. They offer great entertainment services at the touch of a button with a large variety of choices, and a means to record your programs of choice.

But, which is better? All the time I hear cable subscribers threatening to switch to satellite, and I listen to dish owners longing to switch to cable. I'm pretty much confused, especially when I hear from people who have ditched both entities and have gone the way of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. To hear them talk, you would think they have found the secret to eternal youth. However, I have to believe even this solution has its own share of problems.

Help! Which way to turn? Let the people speak. Cable? Satellite? Internet? None of the above?

Please share your experience with us so that we all may consider the evidence before us, and make a well-informed decision based on unbiased, but experienced sources. Take the poll below and leave your comments.

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