As it's mining industry crumbles, will the town of Hotchkiss finally say "yes" to marijuana to rejuvenate its slumping economy?

In 2012 when Colorado voters chose to legalize recreational marijuana, the town of Hotchkiss in Delta County was banning pot shops from setting up business there. Now, this town of fewer than 1,000 people is apparently re-thinking that position.

According to the New York Times, Hotchkiss will be voting next month on whether they should lift their pot prohibition and allowing the sale of marijuana.

One mine in the North Fork Valley has shut down and another one has announced it will go dark, leaving the town looking for something to give it economic life. Marijuana may not be the total solution, but it might provide a boost.

Marijuana sales across the state are approaching $1 billion dollars, which, of course, means huge tax benefits for the state and for communities that have embraced the idea of recreational pot.

Six Colorado towns will vote next month on whether or not to lift the pot bans in their communities. Perhaps they grow weary in the battle and are choosing to join the masses rather than fight. Or, perhaps, it's simply a matter of grabbing a piece of the tax revenue pie for the betterment of their municipalities.

We will be watching the Hotchkiss vote to see which way it goes.