Wild horses are being removed from Little Book Cliffs Wild Horse Range. The horses near Grand Junction will be removed at the end of August.

The Bureau of Land Management is removing wild horses from the Little Book Cliffs Wild Horse Range near Grand Junction. The horses are being removed due to overpopulation.

Up to 60 horses will be moved to Canon City. The population range for wild horses at Little Book Cliffs Wild Horse Range should be between 90 to 150. As of July 27, there are currently 193 wild horses there.

The wild horses will be removed starting in late August by the Bureau of Land Management and the Friends of the Mustangs. Which according to KJCT, is a local wild horse advocacy group.

Genetics will determine which wild horses get to stay in the Little Book Cliffs Range and which horses go to Canon City. Since we love our wild horses, we also want the best for them. Since the removal of a few wild horses helps to sustain the population, it's definitely a good thing.

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