If you have been to Mesa Mall in the last week or so you may be asking the question, "why is there a school bus parked inside the mall?" Well, it's quite a reasonable question and I have quite a reasonable answer.

For several years it was not uncommon to find a bus inside Mesa Mall this time of year.  However, the last couple of years, there has been no school bus inside the mall and our donations have dwindled a bit. Now, it's back and I'm pretty happy about it.

The bus represents Townsquare Media's annual campaign to collect school supplies for kids and teachers in Mesa County. That's why we call it Stuff the Bus. The goal is to fill the bus up with school supplies for kids in all grades from kindergarten through 12th grade.

On August 7 we will un-stuff the bus, separate all the supplies, and box them up for distribution to Mesa County Schools.

The fact is, we need your help to make this happen. All of us doing a little can make a huge difference for kids who aren't so well off. Back to school can be a hardship for families, and for students who are lacking all the supplies they need.

If you don't have kids in school, it's probably, even more, a reason to donate this year. We understand that with the rising costs associated with getting kids through school it may be difficult for those parents to reach out to others. But, there are plenty of people in the Grand Valley who are not in this situation who could donate school supplies - or cash.

This Saturday,(July 22) we will have a bus at the Rimrock Walmart from 12 NOON-4PM and we want to pack as many school supplies in the bus as possible.So, if you can, stop by a few minutes, say hello, and help us with some school supplies. The spirit of giving will make you feel good, and all of these small donations will add up.

If you can't make it out this Saturday, bring your donation to the bus inside Mesa Mall or one of our other drop off locations.

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