It may seem like an odd combination, but the fact is it is a win-win situation when blood and school supplies come together.

St. Mary's Bloodmobile has teamed up with Townsquare Media as a sponsor of the annual Stuff the Bus campaign to collect school supplies for kids and teachers in Mesa County. This is about the 20th annual campaign to collect school supplies.

We have a  Student Transportation Bus of America inside Mesa Mall where folks can drop off donations - that's why we call it Stuff the Bus - but we also have other drop off locations that may be more convenient like Western Rockies Federal Credit Union, All Copy Products, and Village Inn.

And then there's the St. Mary's Bloodmobile. All month long they are in different locations, including the downtown Farmers Market July 13 and July 27,  to receive blood and school supply donations.

Recently, Ed Bozarth Chevrolet-Buick donated blood and school supplies at the Blood Mobile. We thank them kindly for their donations!  Thanks, Ed Bozarth! That is awesome!

Perhaps, other businesses will get their employees together to donate school supplies like Ed Bozarth. We would love to publicly recognize every business that donates to Stuff the Bus.

If your business makes a donation to Stuff the Bus, whether it's at the St. Mary's Bloodmobile or one of our other drop-off locations, be sure and grab a picture of it and get it to us via Facebook or email me

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