I love Grand Junction, I've lived here my entire life. But, there is one thing in this town that I really hate. All the bad intersections.

I absolutely hate the intersections here. There are roundabouts at almost every intersection. If there isn't a roundabout then visibility just plain sucks.

That being said I want to know which intersection in Grand Junction is the worst. I will be putting up a few choices for you to decide.

The 12th and Horizon roundabout is the roundabout of indecision. I try and avoid it if I can.

Now 28 1/4 and Orchard I was actually hit at 28 1/4 and Orchard. People fly through this intersection without even thinking.

1st and North Ave. are going through construction right now, but even before that, people always push through that yellow light.

The intersection of North 15th and Orchard nobody ever comes to a complete stop. They just roll through.

12th and North Ave is one of the busiest intersections because of the university. People never pay attention and students get hit.

North 7th and Patterson is just a really weird intersection. It is right next to the hospital but the traffic here is extremely busy.

All these intersections probably could have been done a little better with how they handle traffic. Who knows maybe it will get better.

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