Thanksgiving. A time to grab a fork, open up and say "Ahhhh" to all food within arm's reach on the table. But there is so much more to it than that.

While there are so many great things about Thanksgiving to help offset the weird family who join us for the holiday meal, the truth is there is a ton of work behind the scenes. Thanksgiving is basically the familial version of the Super Bowl -- so many of us simply walk in and chow down without truly stopping to appreciate the effort that went in to making it happen.

There's buying groceries, cooking, cleaning the house (and then cleaning the kitchen after the meal). There's so much work to do that those people in our families who go above and beyond to make Thanksgiving a reality should get a meal in their honor as a thank-you.

So, since the holiday season is thisclose, why not start the goodwill now and share your wisdom? Fill in the blank for us:

The most important thing to do when preparing your Thanksgiving meal is _________."

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