Brace yourself for nothing but Colorado in your mouth. This eight course meal is made up of nothing but Colorado famous food. Colorado, you taste delicious.

  • 1

    Course 1: Colorado Craft Beer

    Craft beer is a staple of Colorado so it's your first course. There's over 300 breweries in our great state so it shouldn't be hard to find Colorado craft beer -- at all.

  • 2

    Course 2: Green Chili

    Your second course is delicious green chili. The first bite of this course reassures you that when it comes to food, Colorado has got it figured out.

  • 3

    Course 3: Rocky Mountain Oysters

    Remember that craft beer from the first course? You might want to crack open another. The third course is Rocky Mountain Oysters. And they're not oysters, they're the fried balls of your next course.

  • 4

    Course 4: Bison

    Here we go with course number four. Colorado is the fourth largest producer of bison in the nation. So here you are, go ahead and grazed upon your lean, flavorful course four.

  • 5

    Course 5: Olathe Sweet Corn

    We're giving a break between all the meat with some Olathe sweet corn for this course. A little Western Colorado town has that sweet corn down, that's why it's named after them.

  • 6

    Course 6: Lamb

    This course is one my personal favorites, it's lamb. Course number six is delicious in flavor, texture and free of hormones. I'll take a few servings of this course, please.

  • 7

    Course 7: Rocky Ford Cantaloupe

    Take a cantaloupe, make it better, and now you've got your seventh course. The Rocky Ford cantaloupe is known for being sweeter and larger than your usual cantaloupe.

  • 8

    Course 8: Palisade Peaches

    The eighth and final course is growing in a grove in your backyard. It's sweeter than all courses combined -- it's Palisade peaches. The Palisade peach is what ever peach wishes it could be and is the perfect way to top off your eight course Colorado meal.

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