It's a growing trend across America, and it needs to come to Grand Junction.

Ax-throwing facilities and competitions are gaining popularity across the country, crossing gender and age boundaries. They even have ax-throwing leagues.

In 2017, the Downtown Art Gallery and Ax Room opened in Denver. It's known as DAGAR. They have a beer and wine license so if you are so inclined, you can drink while you throw - or while you watch. That may sound like a bad idea, but they have safety measures in place.

It seems simple enough. Stand in a cage behind the line, take aim at the target on a piece of wood a few feet away, and let it rip. Those that have done it say it's quite thrilling and addicting.

If you don't know the proper way to throw an ax, all you need is an ax, a target, and some online instruction at If you go to DAGAR, coaches are on hand to provide instruction and to watch over each lane to make sure everyone stays safe.

Think about it. Here in the Grand Valley you can fire your weapons at a shooting range, smack some balls at the driving range,  and take swings in the batting cages. Why not ax throwing? Somebody should start one of these up in Grand Junction.

I'm not sure how beneficial ax-throwing skills are to the average person, but it might be kind of fun to get together with a bunch of friends and do something like this just for the heck of it.

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