Springtime always seems like the most romantic time to get married. And here on the Western Slope of Colorado, we have the beautiful scenery to go make that already special day even more special.

So, being the inquisitive sort, I've decided to look into wedding venues. Not that I am getting married anytime soon, but maybe YOU are! So here you have five of the best venues for your upcoming nuptials that will help you decide on the where!

There's just something special about a ranch wedding, and for views, it's tough to top this one. Located at the foot of the Gore Range in Vail is the Piney River Ranch. With availability starting in June, you still have a little time to get your spot saved.Look at that view!

If you have ever been skiing there, you know how beautiful it is covered in snow, but a wedding at Powderhorn lets you see all of the beauty the snow covered up! With a variety of ceremony types and on-site catering, you can plan wedding and reception here. And plan on a lot of sighs!

Palisade is home to excellent wine and amazing scenery. Combining the two sets the stage for the perfect wedding. With a variety of venues to choose from and the beauty of the area, you can't get much better than this!

The venues located here will make your choice a difficult one. There are literally hundreds of places in this area alone that makes your jaw just drop open. The perfect setting for an outdoor wedding.

Situated in picturesque Ouray, the Secret Garden can host up to 200 guests. Known as "The Switzerland of America", Ouray has the natural charm and beauty that will make your memories evergreen!

Beautiful surroundings can only make your special day that much more special. Get busy and get planning, but don't forget MY invitation!

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