This might just be the most unique restaurant in all of Colorado.

Walk into Shooters Grill in downtown Rifle and there's a good chance your waitress is going to be packing some heat. Yes, thanks to Colorado's open-carry gun laws, we're talking fully armed and loaded firearms.

Lauren and Jayson Boebert are the owners of Shooters Grill. Lauren says it was a moment of violence that inspired the idea of having an armed restaurant staff. She says there was an incident in their back alley which resulted in a man losing his life. The next day she began to open-carry her firearm at the restaurant.

Google Street View
Google Street View

Not every staff member at Shooters carries a gun, but most do and they all are required to take a concealed weapons training class even though their weapons are not concealed. While some people might feel a little uncomfortable having an armed waitress taking their breakfast order, others feel completely comfortable and safe in this gun-themed restaurant.

Oh, and by the way, people do come to Shooters for the food like the M16 Burrito,  the Smoking Gun Skillet, the Ruger Reuben, and Ballistic Chicken. They also sell a variety of gun-themed t-shirts.

When you think about it, a gun-themed restaurant makes a lot of sense in a town called Rifle. It seems like something everyone should put on their restaurant bucket list. It's going on mine.

You'll find Shooters Grill at 130 E. 3rd Street in downtown Rifle.

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