Playing sports growing up were some of my favorite memories, and you always dream of being able to play for the championship. We'll the Rifle Bears have had an amazing season and on Saturday night they had a chance to win the 3A State Title and after a back and forth game with The Classical Academy, they took home the victory.

The details were spreading like wildfire over the weekend, here is more from the Post Independent about the game where Rifle got the 35-34 win after traveling to Pueblo for the game.

It Didn't Look Good Early on for the Rifle Bears in the Championship Game

The Classical Academy started the game on fire as they were up 20-13 at halftime and controlled the pace of the game, but in the second half, the Bears went to work. They scored two touchdowns within the third quarter as things started to go their way. The Bears converted a two-point conversion and immediately after had a successful unexpected onsides kick. That drive eventually turned into a touchdown scoring drive as well.

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It All Came Down To the Final Four Minutes of the 3A State Championship Game

The game evened out in the fourth quarter with the score being 35-34 in the final four minutes of the game. It was then that the Rifle Bears fumbled the football, at this point things didn't look good. But their outside linebacker Josh Avila made a huge play wrapping up Division I College Prospect, Running Back, Cade Palmer, and stripping the ball loose and recovering it for the Bears.

With so little time left on the clock, the Bears only needed one more first down to lock up the 3A State Championship. And they made it happen. Congrats to the Rifle Bears!

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