Colorado's fall color season is quickly winding down, but here is one last look at some fabulous late-season color in southwest Colorado.

Hey, Google!

If you were to ask Google what state has the most stunning fall colors the answer is going to be some faraway places like Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania. However, Google is smart enough to include Colorado in its top 10 list.

Colorado Colors Are the Best

The fact is, when the leaves start to turn, there are many places across the country that offer absolutely gorgeous colors. Coloradans, like those from other states, are undoubtedly biased and think theirs is the best and most colorful.

Well, we aren't going to debate the issue, because there is no black and white answer, and like most issues our country faces today we are never going to all agree. However, I can say with certainty that Colorado colors are special.


Fabulous Late Fall Colors In Western Colorado

We are well past the color peak in Colorado, but, it's been an especially mild fall so far giving us some cool colors late in the season. Maybe you didn't get a chance to get out this year and see the changing leaves, but you are in luck. In the images below, captured recently, we are going to take you to some places in western Colorado to see some of the incredible late-season colors.

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