Western Colorado has a lot of delicious smells. If we trapped those delicious smells, they'd make the best air fresheners. These are a few of Western Colorado's best smells, as air fresheners for your car.

  • Pleasant Palisade Peach

    Perfect, juicy, sweet Palisade peaches are now along for the ride. No peach compares to the almighty Palisade peach and this air freshener is the same -- incomparable.

  • Rubber Rampage

    Rubber Rampage puts you on two wheels the second you sniff it. Biking in Western Colorado world renowned and that's what this air freshener is all about. Two rubber wheels and the path ahead.

  • Tantalizing Trout

    Western Colorado is where I caught my very first rainbow trout. Trout is tantalizing and so is the Tantalizing Trout air freshener. Fresh water and fresh fish? Yum.

  • Wasted on Wine

    The Grand Valley in Western Colorado is Wine Country. There's dozen of wineries to indulge in and now there's winery in your car. Wasted on Wine is down for the ride and won't get you in trouble with the law.

  • Wonderful Waft of Weed

    Recreational marijuana has been legal in Colorado for over five years and you can smell it. This air freshener takes that waft of weed you smell time to time in Western Colorado and makes it into something you can take wherever.

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