While driving from Delta to Grand Junction, a woman gave birth to her baby right off Hwy 50 and 30 Road. The baby was born in the car while the couple was driving to a hospital in Grand Junction.

On Friday morning (Feb. 1st) a couple was headed to a hospital in Grand Junction to welcome their baby into the world. It looks like this baby was ready to come into the world because it did not wait to get to the hospital. This baby was ready to come out now.

According to the Mesa County Sherrif's Office, the dad pulled over near Hwy 50 and 30 Road and called 911. The couple had their baby in their car -- I wonder if you can put that on the birth certificate.

First responders then helped mama and her baby get to the hospital safely, according to the Mesa County Sheriff's Office's Facebook.

Congratulations to the parents on their new baby. This baby made one big entrance in this world and I'm sure even bigger things are to come.

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