Police chased a car from Utah to Eagle going around 140 mph. When they ran out of gas and the chase ended near Eagle, police found pounds of drugs in the car.

The white Chevrolet Camaro with a back convertible roof started speeding in Utah and that's when the car chase started. According to the Post Independent, Colorado State Patrol began chasing the car in Mesa County. The car was allegedly going around 130-140 mph.

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The Camaro stopped in Parachute for gas, a police officer approached him and it accelerated toward him and almost hit him. The chase continued and the Camaro eventually ended up hitting the Parachute officer's car, who thankfully was not injured.

The driver avoided stop strips, drove on the shoulder, and passed two semis on a two-lane freeway, according to the Post Independent. When the chase ended near Eagle when they ran out of gas, the two men in the car tried to run away but were arrested.

Police found three garbage bags of what smelled like weed and a pound of ecstasy. The driver is facing felony and misdemeanor charges and a maximum prison sentence of 30 years.

According to the Post Independent, the Deputy District Attorney Tony Hershey stated that the chase covered three counties and puts lots of lives at risk. He also said that fortunately the car chase happened during quarantine and there weren't many drivers on the road.

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