After my busy weekend full of concerts, festivals, shopping and more I wanted to know what your weekend looked like. I asked you to share your pictures on our Facebook and this is what a weekend in Grand Junction looks like.

This was my weekend:

  • Thursday - Bone Thugs N Harmony concert
  • Friday - Four Peaks Downtown Music Festival + Trapt concert
  • Saturday - Work, clean, devour Freddy's
  • Sunday - Shop, grill out, laundry and video games

I didn't get a chance to do as much outdoor stuff as I wanted, but you did.

That's a cool bike with an even cooler view Michael Voorhees. Looks like he got some cruisin' in this weekend.

I feel like this is where I should write something about how it's not the destination, but the journey that matters. This is a journey I'd partake in.

These Grand Junction girls look like they're enjoying themselves. My friends fed me Freddy's and steak this weekend. Friends are great.

I can go ahead and tell that this kiddo can pitch better than I can. Way to go bud, keep it up.

Looks like Joann was at the Four Peaks Music Festival this weekend, and so were we.

Joleen is clearly in some kind of magical kingdom here. I asked where can I can this because I have a thing for geological stuff.

I want to somehow combine the picture above with the picture below. Pool party anyone? James Stoner can bring the food, Jess Morris has the pool and I'll bring the jams. (And good company.)

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