Our radio station Christmas tree is looking bare, to say the least. Maybe pathetic and lousy would be a better way to describe it. As you can see, we really need some help -- as in your help. We want you to decorate our Christmas tree with your ornaments.

We're hoping our listeners will have this tree decked out and covered with your ornaments. The type of ornament is completely up to you, we don't discriminate.

Whether it's station themed, or a Colorado or Broncos ornament, we'll take it. Handmade or store-bought, we're obviously in need of all kinds of ornaments.

Come by our radio station, 315 Kennedy Avenue, anytime Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm and hang your ornament on our tree.

Just bring in your ornament and we'll make sure we get a picture of you and the beauty you're bestowing upon us. You'll live forever through the ornament you've gifted us, which we'll forever cherish.

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