All Christmas trees are beautiful no matter what they're made of. We really appreciate this Grand Junction elementary school's Christmas tree creativity.

New Emerson Elementary School created a Christmas tree completely made up of donations. The elementary school, which is at 2600 Unaweep Avenue in Grand Junction, is currently doing a canned food drive and has the donations displayed in a very festive way.

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The Christmas tree at New Emerson Elementary School is completely made up of tuna. The tuna cans are stacked up in the shape of a Christmas tree, adorned with packets of tuna too. The tuna Christmas tree even has an angel on the top and it's even taller than the person who made it.

According to New Emerson Elementary School, Ms. Tina is the elf who made this Christmas magic happen. The school also mentioned that they're looking for cans of beans for 'Tootie Tuesday.' We can only hope that Ms. Tina will create something magical with those too.

It's so great that District 51/New Emerson Elementary School took the time to share these pictures. School District 51 shared the New Emerson's Facebook post with the caption 'oh tuna tree, oh tuna tree.'We love to see people getting into the Christmas spirit. Whether that's decorating your house, office, or some cookies, if it makes you happy, you should do it.

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